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Terrible Migraine so no computer today

Terrible Migraine so no computer today published on No Comments on Terrible Migraine so no computer today



The light of the screen pierces my brain…


Today I feel a bit better, at least I can stand up without wanting to buy a guillotine on amazon. fr       Something different… #webcomic #migrainecartoon #migrainecomics #migrainehumor

Er… spreading happiness!

Er… spreading happiness! published on No Comments on Er… spreading happiness!

So #Dreamuary is my January challenge where people read in the morning a prompt theme and share art inspired by it (their own or by others – identify the artist).

It’s a way to make January so much more fun than previous years and everyone. Also, I post a daily drawing of my fantasy worlds and creatures. Win, win, win!  Learn more here site


#fightingsocialanxiety #webcomic #fightingdepression

X-mas Special: An American Family Reunion

X-mas Special: An American Family Reunion published on 2 Comments on X-mas Special: An American Family Reunion

Starting the year sick, but with a very Special Christmas long episode… very long) dedicated to all of those who always stayed close all year, no matter how many oceans or continents keep us physically apart.

I confess that I did embrace technology.

I was able to talk with my friends in Europe, see what presents some were getting, the X-mas trees in their city, their Christmas decorations, what they were having for Christmas meal, share moments of laughter (anytime).

I don’t feel that I belong to a city anymore, or that I can live isolated.
When we are young our bedroom is our world, we grow up and school becomes our world, then the city where we live and work, I can say that I have friends in every corner of this planet. I treasure them, From Portugal to Brazil… Spain, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Finland, Brunei Darussalam, Peru, Japan… because now I’m in a long distance relationship with all of you.

If you’re kind, then you’re welcome to be part of this connected family. Join us.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! published on No Comments on Happy New Year!

2017 was a year of discovery and building a path for my art in the USA. 2018 will be all about of execution and improvement.Wishing you all health, happiness and many years to come.

Special thanks to those fans that were very patient with me and helped me figure out marketing and mail, and all sorts of things.