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It is what it is!

It is what it is! published on No Comments on It is what it is!

Silence comes in many forms. Author’s pursuing a publisher know exactly what I mean. But not only authors have to deal with this. From arts to businesses or even relationships. Has silence troubled you before? How did you deal or cope with it?

Not too fast… not too slow… Whenever I can

Not too fast… not too slow… Whenever I can published on 3 Comments on Not too fast… not too slow… Whenever I can

Dealing with fans and public is not an easy task. Sometimes you get punished for being too nice and answering them too fast, or for even giving them your free work and time. They think you’re a creep or too needed. When in the end you’re just trying to exist, work hard to pay your bills and be nice to the next person. So… giveaways, contests, free books, free prints and all my random kindness from now on only available to newsletter subscribers. You can subscribe to, or to or to both and get a lot of goodies every month.

Notfrombrazil site now allows comments, just click on the title of the episode and write your comment if you don’t fear me answering them within reasonable time. MUWAHAHAHAHAH! Don’t be shy. Let me hear you from wherever country or city you are from.

Do the best to create the best

Do the best to create the best published on 1 Comment on Do the best to create the best

Sometimes when we create something that we’re really proud of, we run to show it to everyone before it’s finished. Imagine running to show a cake to someone before you bake it. It’s a missed opportunity. They won’t be able to experience it as you imagined it in your head. Be patient and spend as much or more time making your final product final and better. Now that Polly and the Black Ink graphic novel series is finished for now. I’m working on a new project to share with you soon. Loving the writing process.