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Game Night Series: When boys shop

Game Night Series: When boys shop published on No Comments on Game Night Series: When boys shop

Sometimes I wander alone chasing creatures to gain some experience points… while he shops and makes clothes, then have to fight my way out of a dean of thieves… but I always find good treasures.


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Doing Groceries Online!

Doing Groceries Online! published on No Comments on Doing Groceries Online!

Portuguese Navigators once traveled the oceans to bring spices, teas and wonders to Europe. Centuries after we’re still gathering the flavors of the world and make them available to all in Portugal. It makes the world look smaller and friendlier. It was a great way to surprise my friend Carmen with flavors that she had only been looking at (photos of it) on my social media accounts. That was torture.


My turf!

My turf! published on

Do you often take up a crawling position?

Do you touch your neck while talking to people? Stop that! Stand straight. Check your pose. Practice poses of POWER. Start with 5 minutes of Wonder Woman pose! Configure your brain to feel powerful! Here’s a nice Ted Talk:  #webcomic #lifeofanartistcomics #relatablecomics #couplestorycomics #powercomics

Free Portraits…

Free Portraits… published on 1 Comment on Free Portraits…

This was what drawing 65 children in a single day looked like at the Art on the Avenue this past weekend. No time to pee! It was the ultimate free/reference/life/drawing/workshop/lots-of-hours practicing dream of any artist. So much diversity…different eye shapes, face shapes, noses… smiles…  and so much fun.


The wrong order of things

The wrong order of things published on

I do this all the time. I check an email or something I submitted AFTER I send it or submitted like I can change what’s already been sent. That’s what happens with last week’s newsletter. Monday comic page button said Book Trailer when it was supposed to say READ. Make sure your newsletters don’t go to Spam. Sometimes I send you free gifts (seasonal postcards, and gifts to download for free) and you’re missing out.


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To do list of a bookworm

To do list of a bookworm published on

Sometimes I have a strange feeling like I should be doing something important. In the end, it’s just me mixing reality with books and thinking that I am late to take the ring to Mordor. This happens a lot when I close a book before a chapter ends. I… Know, right? How can I do that??