Book Release!

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So happy to have this first volume completed. Find it available on Amazon online stores all around the world. Buy here: Don’t forget to leave a review and share this book with all your friends and family! Thank you to all my fans for your support! I will be at Small Press Expo ( Maryland)… Continue reading Book Release!


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My American Mom and Papa visited us for the weekend. We always have lots of fun. Not even rain can ruin it. It’s been so long since we’ve done something together that we were excited and forgot half our stuff. Has this happened to you before? Being so excited to get to an event or… Continue reading Priorities!


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When it takes 3h to drive across my Portugal, it’s normal that my friends and family have to stop and think for a moment to scale. Portugal fits in an American state, therefore when they say int he news that the United States is under a few hurricanes, that does not mean it’s close to where… Continue reading Scale

Artist Vblog

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I have to be less impatient and start to read the details of stuff that I buy online. But yeah… A step closer to streaming… one day! Do you remember that time when artists painted in their studies isolated from the world….? Yeah… forget that. You are part of the artist process too and isn’t… Continue reading Artist Vblog