Terrible Migraine so no computer today

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    The light of the screen pierces my brain…   Today I feel a bit better, at least I can stand up without wanting to buy a guillotine on amazon. fr       Something different… #webcomic #migrainecartoon #migrainecomics #migrainehumor

My favorite sweater

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So… apparently, this is happening more often than I’m enjoying. I spend 3 hours of my life searching… And I’m so sure of it!   #webcomic #notfrombrazil #myfavorite #humor #some #me #sliceoflife #relatablecomics #dailycomics

Cleaning Therapy

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What about you? Do you start to see extra dust on stuff and chaos when you’re anxious? I’ve always done this since I was a little girl. I used to take everything out of the room to the hallway and then redesign. I understand now that I always did that when I was stressed or upset.… Continue reading Cleaning Therapy

St Valentine’s Day Commissions

St Valentine’s Day Commissions published on

Still in the spirit of February Love and Friendship.  At the request of many, I brought back the Portraits Commissions.     💝 Special St. Valentine’s Portrait Commissions Open! Decided to reopen commissions. There are 7 slots left yet. Get yours. It includes: – You and your 💗 or You and your  /  /  – Background (Real or imaginary scenario… Continue reading St Valentine’s Day Commissions

In the zone…

In the zone… published on

Does this happen to you? Let me hear all about it. Our actions become automatic and you lose the track of time, right? I’ve been having a lot of fun. I’m actually fighting artist’s block for the past weeks. That’s why I stopped my projects to fully work on another book. Building something from scratch helps. I… Continue reading In the zone…