Fire Alarm

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Our building is very secure. At the slightest cloud of smoke, the alarm sets off.  I did not run outside with my computers but I thought about it. Decades and decades of work and data in these rusty boxes that can die on us at any moment. Thank god for online storage.  #lifeofanartist #lifeofanartistcomics #humor #comedy… Continue reading Fire Alarm

Drawing Workshop with Kids!

Drawing Workshop with Kids! published on

True story! We had a lot of fun creating characters from random objects, shapes and ideas, pizza head guy, dragons, castles and a lot of laughter. Age is a wonderful concept. #vanessabettencourtart #workshop #lifeofanartistwebcomic #webcomic #biowebcomic #hoorayforbooks #drawingclasses #fun #kidsdrawingclasses #freeworkshop #graphicnovel #pollymason #pollyandtheblackink #drawing

Social Media

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Making it easier for me to share, and easier for you to find all the news and art in one single place. Official site: Subscribe to get news on events, book releases and other contests. Are you a social media fan:  Facebook and Instagram: @vanessabettencourtart Don’t miss out! Join us now.  #webcomic #freewebcomic #freecomicpage

How we’re going bankrupt…

How we’re going bankrupt… published on

Independent authors and artists make it happen with a lot of effort and cost, but we do it with 100% and we love to share the final product with our fans. Awesome Con DC June 16-18 2017 is around the corner and you’ll find us at the Violet West Entertainment Booth K15 with Polly and… Continue reading How we’re going bankrupt…

Types of Convention Fans

Types of Convention Fans published on

We had a blast with Awesome Con Dc Artist Alley this year, meeting old and new friends. Catching up with fellow artists and authors, exchanging art and meeting new people, wonderful families and the immense diversity of this world. I finally found a place where I belong. #artistalley #funny #comedy #sliceoflife #freewebcomic #webcomicseries #biographicwebcomic #lifeofanartistwebcomic… Continue reading Types of Convention Fans

Practice makes it… better?

Practice makes it… better? published on No Comments on Practice makes it… better?

Yup, like we would say back in Portugal. He has a Doctor’s handwriting. This comic was inspired by my fan ShutterGet (thank you guys for all your support) I can’t believe I reached 167.7 K of views and have more than 900 subscribers at Line Webtoon platform. The question was: “How I came up with… Continue reading Practice makes it… better?

Artist Vblog

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I have to be less impatient and start to read the details of stuff that I buy online. But yeah… A step closer to streaming… one day! Do you remember that time when artists painted in their studies isolated from the world….? Yeah… forget that. You are part of the artist process too and isn’t… Continue reading Artist Vblog