Practice makes it… better?

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Yup, like we would say back in Portugal. He has a Doctor’s handwriting. This comic was inspired by my fan ShutterGet (thank you guys for all your support) I can’t believe I reached 167.7 K of views and have more than 900 subscribers at Line Webtoon platform. The question was: “How I came up with… Continue reading Practice makes it… better?

To do list of a bookworm

To do list of a bookworm published on

Sometimes I have a strange feeling like I should be doing something important. In the end, it’s just me mixing reality with books and thinking that I am late to take the ring to Mordor. This happens a lot when I close a book before a chapter ends. I… Know, right? How can I do that??

Do the best to create the best

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Sometimes when we create something that we’re really proud of, we run to show it to everyone before it’s finished. Imagine running to show a cake to someone before you bake it. It’s a missed opportunity. They won’t be able to experience it as you imagined it in your head. Be patient and spend as… Continue reading Do the best to create the best