Willie Nelson Show

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So… Willie Nelson, what inspires you to write songs? WN: I dare say the internet… the internet my friends! He woke up still not dead again today! Family went to see Willie Nelson & Family in Southern Indiana last June 2nd and they had a great time, especially Aunt Barbie. She had a new t-shirt… Continue reading Willie Nelson Show

Flashback Fiesta

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Age does not matter. Now that I know there’s free sundays at Mexican restaurants, I will start my order with Hi! I’m the birthday girl and I would like tacos!  #mexicanfood #artistlifewebcomic #family #birthdayparty #webcomic #freecartoon #freecomics


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My American Mom and Papa visited us for the weekend. We always have lots of fun. Not even rain can ruin it. It’s been so long since we’ve done something together that we were excited and forgot half our stuff. Has this happened to you before? Being so excited to get to an event or… Continue reading Priorities!


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When it takes 3h to drive across my Portugal, it’s normal that my friends and family have to stop and think for a moment to scale. Portugal fits in an American state, therefore when they say int he news that the United States is under a few hurricanes, that does not mean it’s close to where… Continue reading Scale

Doing Groceries Online!

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Portuguese Navigators once traveled the oceans to bring spices, teas and wonders to Europe. Centuries after we’re still gathering the flavors of the world and make them available to all in Portugal. It makes the world look smaller and friendlier. It was a great way to surprise my friend Carmen with flavors that she had… Continue reading Doing Groceries Online!

X-mas Special: An American Family Reunion

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Starting the year sick, but with a very Special Christmas long episode… very long) dedicated to all of those who always stayed close all year, no matter how many oceans or continents keep us physically apart. I confess that I did embrace technology. I was able to talk with my friends in Europe, see what… Continue reading X-mas Special: An American Family Reunion