Dealing with Rejection

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No one likes to be rejected, it’s tough but it’s part of the process, especially if you’re an artist. Even when you keep telling yourself expectations are low there’s still hope things work perfectly. My advice is: stand tall and keep going. In any situation in your life, the only regret you might have is… Continue reading Dealing with Rejection

You never know tomorrow

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A funny coincidence. It’s great to be able to exchange knowledge and experiences with other artists and have a chance to see a bit of their process. #comicsdcblog #steveartley #cartoonists #comicpage #webcomic #lifeofanartistwebcomic #cartoon #comics #localartists #mikerhode #cartoons

Artist Vblog

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I have to be less impatient and start to read the details of stuff that I buy online. But yeah… A step closer to streaming… one day! Do you remember that time when artists painted in their studies isolated from the world….? Yeah… forget that. You are part of the artist process too and isn’t… Continue reading Artist Vblog

The wrong order of things

The wrong order of things published on

I do this all the time. I check an email or something I submitted AFTER I send it or submitted like I can change what’s already been sent. That’s what happens with last week’s newsletter. Monday comic page button said Book Trailer when it was supposed to say READ. Make sure your newsletters don’t go to… Continue reading The wrong order of things

My turf!

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Do you often take up a crawling position? Do you touch your neck while talking to people? Stop that! Stand straight. Check your pose. Practice poses of POWER. Start with 5 minutes of Wonder Woman pose! Configure your brain to feel powerful! Here’s a nice Ted Talk:  #webcomic #lifeofanartistcomics #relatablecomics #couplestorycomics #powercomics