That song before bed!

That song before bed! published on

It happens more than it should and with different songs, but I wish you a great weekend with this one : #chickenyodeler #funny #comedy #fun #cartoon #freecartoon #freewebcomic #webcomic #biographiccomic #sliceoflife #humor

Support and Artist Today

Support and Artist Today published on

Nowadays it’s so much easier for a us to be part of an artist’s project or a cause. And there are so many ways to do it. You can support by inspiring, sharing, commenting, liking, reviewing (all these for free) or donating, crowdfunding or buying their art. Help someone’s dream come true. You might have… Continue reading Support and Artist Today

Willie Nelson Show

Willie Nelson Show published on

So… Willie Nelson, what inspires you to write songs? WN: I dare say the internet… the internet my friends! He woke up still not dead again today! Family went to see Willie Nelson & Family in Southern Indiana last June 2nd and they had a great time, especially Aunt Barbie. She had a new t-shirt… Continue reading Willie Nelson Show