Overexcited published on

Our first time at Katsucon, I confess I was nervous taking an original graphic novel to a crowd who already gave their love to famous anime and cartoon characters, but it turned out great. It was fun to recognize some of Heir of Scars fans from last year’s Awesome Con artist alley. They didn’t recognize… Continue reading Overexcited

No Comments…

No Comments… published on

We’re back to be Americans again, the trip to Portugal was fun. Why do I love Comicon and anime conventions? Because I don’t fell less and I know for sure that at those I don’t feel like I don’t belong. So… I decided to do some errands on my own, bank, supermarket, approaching independent stores about… Continue reading No Comments…

Support and Artist Today

Support and Artist Today published on

Nowadays it’s so much easier for a us to be part of an artist’s project or a cause. And there are so many ways to do it. You can support by inspiring, sharing, commenting, liking, reviewing (all these for free) or donating, crowdfunding or buying their art. Help someone’s dream come true. You might have… Continue reading Support and Artist Today

Elephant Dung

Elephant Dung published on

The paper is smooth and so nice. I really love that I found this Elephant Dung  – Recycled Paper. It’s perfect. I dedicate this comic page to all of those whose favorite sentence start as: “You will never be…”   #webcomic #slice of life #lifeonanartistcomic #comics #freecomics #humor #funny #darkhumor

Fine Line Between Inspiration and Realization

Fine Line Between Inspiration and Realization published on

I got a lot of encouragement from people about this comic. What I really wanted to show with it… No matter their level artists are ambitious, at least I am. No matter what my level is I will always look upon my idols and feel crushed. Sometimes I look at a painting like Psyche at… Continue reading Fine Line Between Inspiration and Realization