Last Resort

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Sometimes I find myself performing CPR to a sink. Quick tip: Wipe the brush on a rag or paper before washing. This will keep your brushes alive for longer and your sink unclogged. It didn’t happen to me now, but it happened when I was a student and started to paint with oils. After taking… Continue reading Last Resort

Are you settling in Ok now…?

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Another question from Rabbie2 (fan) who has been following our adventures since the beginning.   If you have a question for me that you would like to answer in NFB style be my guest. To comment click on the title and comment below.   #webcomic #funny #culturaldifferences

Artist Vblog

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I have to be less impatient and start to read the details of stuff that I buy online. But yeah… A step closer to streaming… one day! Do you remember that time when artists painted in their studies isolated from the world….? Yeah… forget that. You are part of the artist process too and isn’t… Continue reading Artist Vblog