Life Drawing challenges

Life Drawing challenges published on

Life Drawing is not easy when your subject is moving around, but it’s the most fun to do because it forces me to pay attention to the general shapes and movement instead of useless details. There’s plenty to draw inside too, still live subjects are also good to improve drawing techniques.   #webcomic #meinamerica #sliceoflife #lifeofanartist… Continue reading Life Drawing challenges

Where inspiration comes from?

Where inspiration comes from? published on

Somedays I have no sense of humor, but I must do the comic page. Somedays takes more time to come up with a funny idea. I try to get inspiration mainly from life because this webcomic became my “Dear Diary…” and what I draw might be an exaggeration of an event, but it’s always an event… Continue reading Where inspiration comes from?

Dealing with Rejection

Dealing with Rejection published on

No one likes to be rejected, it’s tough but it’s part of the process, especially if you’re an artist. Even when you keep telling yourself expectations are low there’s still hope things work perfectly. My advice is: stand tall and keep going. In any situation in your life, the only regret you might have is… Continue reading Dealing with Rejection

My turf!

My turf! published on

Do you often take up a crawling position? Do you touch your neck while talking to people? Stop that! Stand straight. Check your pose. Practice poses of POWER. Start with 5 minutes of Wonder Woman pose! Configure your brain to feel powerful! Here’s a nice Ted Talk:  #webcomic #lifeofanartistcomics #relatablecomics #couplestorycomics #powercomics