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Not too fast… not too slow… Whenever I can

Not too fast… not too slow… Whenever I can published on 6 Comments on Not too fast… not too slow… Whenever I can

Dealing with fans and public is not an easy task. Sometimes you get punished for being too nice and answering them too fast, or for even giving them your free work and time. They think you’re a creep or too needed. When in the end you’re just trying to exist, work hard to pay your bills and be nice to the next person. So… giveaways, contests, free books, free prints and all my random kindness from now on only available to newsletter subscribers. You can subscribe to, or to or to both and get a lot of goodies every month.

Notfrombrazil site now allows comments, just click on the title of the episode and write your comment if you don’t fear me answering them within reasonable time. MUWAHAHAHAHAH! Don’t be shy. Let me hear you from wherever country or city you are from.

  • Thank you so much all of those fans from the webtoon platform who have been following notfrombrazil and now are here with us. : D

  • Max Heus

    Haha , a girl called me a creep because i liked like 10 of her pictures even though we only have been facebook friends for 20 minutes… but i was just bored and she had some cute pictures of her cats… some people are weird

    • Very close to what happened to me. He asked for my opinion and then I just liked my favorites and gave him tips and all. ahaha. Oh well. : D

  • Rebekah Walker

    Hi, Vanessa!! I love your work and just wanted to say hi! I got really excited when I started reading your comic because I used to live in Portugal, in the Azores. (I’m American, we were there with the Air Force). I love Portugal and I hope to go back soon, but I love reading your comics about your experiences adjusting to life here. Keep up the good work, and don’t let the haters keep you down! 👍

    • Waa that’s so cool. Azores and Madeira is the only Portuguese regions I hadn’t had the honor to visit, ever! And my grandfather was born in Azores lolo. Thank you for joining me here and for saying something. It means a lot to me. : D wishing you a great week.