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Special Edition: Election Day 2016

Special Edition: Election Day 2016 published on

I made a rule not to draw political cartoons with Notfrombrazil, but this is as much part of our story as requesting visas and going out on dates. So as an immigrant, this is how I feel on USA Election Day’s eve: as foreigner as Dorothy is to a strange land, followed by many humans as human as you and I are on this journey to find out who will be the wonderful Wizard of Oz behind the curtains, ruling our lives for the next years. And how that will affect other countries that for the past months had their eyes and ears focused on the USA.
I am not allowed to vote yet, for I need to get my citizenship, but I’m as excited to see the result as I am excited to watch the next and last season of game of thrones.
Vanessa Bettencourt

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